How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Dentistry

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It is evident that we live in a tech era. Technology is advancing with each passing day and things that seemed impossible decades ago are now the order of the day. Looking back, we are having things that we could only imagine of or better still, seen them in the movies or read in the novels.


The healthcare industry has been a big beneficiary of the technological advances of recent years, including the widespread use of EMR systems in healthcare practices. The dentist’s office has also embraced new technologies that are transforming those dreaded visits into pleasant experiences that patients can look forward to.

Although it may be a bit behind in technological advancement, dentistry has experienced some technological growth. Procedures that took both time and a lot of resources to complete are now being done by clicking a few buttons. Below we look at some of the procedures that have experienced tremendous technological growth;


When one suffered a broken or a cracked tooth, the dentist had to replace or cover it with a cap that was custom-fitted. The crown was made from mold that was modelled to take the shape of the damaged tooth. Such was the tedious process that the patient had to wait up to 2 weeks for the whole process to be completed. However, in the digital dentistry era, replacing a broken tooth takes less than 3 hours.

Through the use of CAD and CAM technologies, the dentist takes a 3D image of the tooth, feeds it to the computer and then the computer suggests the dimensions of the crown. From there the dentist makes a few adjustments and sends the information to a machine that carves the crown and just like that the process is complete.

How long does the procedure take? Dr. Bajars, a San Diego dentist says the time varies from one dentist to another.

“On average, it takes from 45 minutes to about an hour,” he says. “The procedure would involve getting you adequately numbed. Prepping and taking a mold of the tooth. Then the dentist will make you a temporary crown. The following appointment to cement the final crown should only take about 15 minutes, provided the crown seats correctly.”

All the same, for patients with other dental problems like infection in the root canal, it is advisable to not be too quick to go for crowning.

“I would recommend seeing a specialist/endodontist for a second opinion/re-evaluation,” says Dr. Rachana Vora, a dentist from Arlington. “We generally recommend 3D cone beam CT imaging to diagnose conditions like these.”

Cone-Beam CT Imaging

In the past, placing an implant involved a lot of guess work. However, with the cone-beam computed tomography (CT) imaging, the process is precise. Through it, the dentist can have a 3D image of the patient’s teeth, jaws, gums and even nerves. To top it up, other diseases that traditionally were hard to detect using technologies like X-rays can now be imaged through cone-beam CT imaging.

“Conventional X-rays do not provide full diagnostic imaging necessary in some circumstances. A cone beam CT scan is the best way to evaluate (the situation),” says Dr. H. Ryan Kazemi from Bethesda Oral.

By going digital, the dentist can record and store a patient’s information in a digital file making it easier to track a patient’s history. In case there is a damage to a patient’s denture, the dentist can duplicate it easily. Digital dentistry also means less pain and trauma for the patients. Take for example, the special lasers. Through them, it is easy to detect cavities and treat them accordingly meaning there is no need for drills, sutures or even scalpels. A visit to the dentist does not have to be scary all thanks to dentistry going digital.

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Chiropractor Orlando can help you have a wonderful vacation

best chiropractor resorts service orlando

There is a chiropractor orlando who is always ready to render chropractic service. Orlando is a popular tourist destination due to its several entertainment establishments and tropical climate, seeing at least 51 million tourists per year. While staying, you should have a visit to one of the many chiropractic clinics in the area.

There is a good reason why a visit to the best chiropractor Orlando is worthwhile.You can only have a wonderful vacation if you don’t have any physical complaints. One of the most debilitating conditions common in adults is back pain. Back pain is described as the humanity’s most common complaint, affecting five out of ten adults. Whether it has sudden onset or chronically lingering, back pain is proven costly and debilitating at the same time. And the worst thing about back pain is that there is no single approved method for its treatment. In some sufferers, over-the-counter pills can bring relief to sore backs. But many cases of back pain are not responsive to medications. Discomfort caused by back pain can prevent you from enjoying your holiday vacation.

If you are going to have a holiday in Orlando, visit a chiropractic clinic whether you have back pain or not. Many Orlando chiropractic clinics are conveniently located near theme parks and resorts in the city. If you have back pain, have a spinal adjustment at the chiropractic clinic. Spinal adjustment is a procedure where chiropractic practitioners deliver precise and calculated blows to the spinal column. This is designed to loosen up fixed vertebral pieces and improve alignment to bring relief from back pain.

If you don’t have any back complaints, it is still worthwhile to visit a chiropractic clinic for a preventive health check-up. A chiropractor can assess your stress-prone shoulders, neck and back to look out for tightness that could lead to bad posture, pain and numbness. So spend your holiday free from back pain by visiting any Orlando resorts chiropractic clinics.

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Scarborough Dentist Provides Emergency Services


People normally associate the dentist with treatments that can only be described as uncomfortable at best.  All that grinding that accompanies teeth fillings and root canal treatments faze most people – even just thinking about it makes people uncomfortable.  Sometimes the discomfort has more to do with people’s mindsets than anything else.  best scarborough emergency cosmetic dentist toronto Scarborough dentist is well versed with modern procedures and use the latest equipment that drastically reduce patients’ discomfort to more like the level of a mild irritation.  The Canadian Dental Association champions the use of modern dental techniques and procedures.

Normal dental treatments and preventive are routinely provided by most dental practitioners.  Scarborough emergency dentistengage in a much more urgent and exacting dental practice.  When people come with dental emergencies, they normally fall under two types: one caused by mishaps and others caused by an aggravated dental condition. However, when people come also for other medication needs, they can always hop in at walk in clinic Hoover Al and they will get all the urgent care they require at even affordable costs.

Almost all dental emergencies involve a considerable amount of pain.  It does not matter if it there is an abscessed tooth, broken teeth, broken jaw, or bitten tongue, one of the first priorities of the dentist is to alleviate the pain.  Secondary to that is providing the required treatment to try to save affected teeth, treat cuts and wounds, and set back jaws.  It is most important that the emergency dental condition be promptly addressed by dental professionals.  In some cases, damage to teeth and mouth may require the services of cosmetic dentist Toronto to correct.  Early treatments lead to faster recovery and easier restoration and repair of affected teeth.

Dentists offer a few pieces of advice to people faced with dental emergencies:

a)       Chipped or dislodged teeth need to be preserved in milk or saline solution for possible return by a dentist.

b)       If faced with toothache before you can see a dentist, rinse your mouth with saline water and use floss to dislodge trapped food.  Temporarily fill cavities with sugarless gum and see a dentist as soon as possible.

c)       Try to bend back broken braces or blunt the end of wires sticking out to prevent cuts to the mouth.  See a dentist as soon as possible.

d)       For soft tissue injuries, rinse with saline solution and apply pressure on wounds using moistened gauze or a teabag, and use cold compresses.  If bleeding persists, go visit the dentist.

If alignment issues are present, a visit with the best cosmetic dentist Toronto is advised.

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Health Stores Toronto Promote Food Supplements


All over the world health stores are popping up like mushrooms.  The higher prevalence of various medical conditions associated with pollution and ‘modified’ forms of food must have something to do with it.  That and some dissatisfaction with conventional medicine which offer drugs to treat an ailment that usually leads to some form of adverse reaction.  Health stores Toronto promotes the use of food and dietary supplements to counter the effects of the various chemicals in the air we breathe, and the food and drinks we ingest.

But just how do our modern eating habits cause medical conditions in the first place?  Our bodies were created to handle natural food in natural quantities.  Foods that are natural, our organs have a hard time dealing with.  For example, in the olden times men did not have to worry a lot about trans-fats – they simply did not have them.  Now that man has ‘improved’ food processing by deep frying meats to a tasty crisp, our systems are unable to handle the trans-fats which end up clogging our circulatory system.  We also have problems with the many colourings, flavour enhancers, and preservatives present in anything from chips to processed meat.  As far as natural quantities, humans have never ingested as much sugar as now, when almost everything we eat has it.  This has caused the number of diabetics to increase rapidly.

Natural heath stores Toronto is glad that science has come to our rescue.  There have been discoveries of food supplements that act as natural cures for many ailments from excessive cholesterol, high sugar levels, and many others.  Health store Toronto claims that, unlike conventional medicine, food supplements generally don’t have adverse side effects.  It is essential, however, that whatever supplement you buy have the proper certifications from the Health Products and Food Branch – Health Canada.

If you are suffering from a minor medical condition or chronical desease like scalp psoriasis, keep your mind open to the benefits of using food and dietary supplements.  Natural health store Toronto will have a people willing and able to advise you on natural alternatives.  And best of all, these supplements are usually much cheaper than a visit to the doctor.

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Urgent Care Birmingham Al can be found online


When you move into a new place, the first thing you do is determine how to reach emergency services.  That means police, fire department, utility companies’ hotlines, and medical service providers.  Of course in a real emergency you can get away with just dialing 911, but that might not be the most cost efficient option. You could end up burning a hole through your pocket quickly that way.  For minor medical conditions that require immediate care, going to best urgent care Birmingham AL, may just be what the doctor ordered. Doctors give advices as well on which natural health stores in Toronto to go to for the best health supplements

But how do you find a facility that provides urgent medical care in Birmingham, Alabama?  With the internet it is easy.  Yellow pages will give you a list showing sixteen facilities, with their phone and fax numbers, websites, address and map showing directions to get there.  Some of the facilities have reviews from former patients.  Anyone can post reviews, so it’s hard to tell if they are genuine.

Another website shows a list of fifteen urgent care facilities within Birmingham.  This time, against the facilities on the list are addresses, phone and fax numbers, directional maps, and something even more helpful:  schedules.  While not all clinics indicated their working hours, most did and one stood out for being open 24/7.  There is one catch though:  the proper classification for Trinity Medical Center Emergency Dept. has not been verified by the webmaster as an urgent care facility – it may just be a hospital emergency room.

Working schedules is one of those points to consider when preparing a list of service providers for minor medical emergencies.  With everything else being equal (level of service, general distance from your home, range of services) list the urgent care centers with the longest operating hours.  Also list those who operate during weekends and holidays if any.

Another important consideration is the quality of the doctors in the facility.  Word-of-mouth  reviews combined with online comments should weed out those with not so stellar records.

Make your list of urgent care Birmingham, AL facilities early, and list a few.  It might save you at least a few hundred dollars when you have to go in for a minor medical condition.  Only serious medical conditions should cost serious sums of money.

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Oviedo Family Chiropractic treats your injuries


Physical injuries can happen now and then, and gladly you can have treatment now at best Oviedo Family Chiropractic clinics. Chiropractic clinics in Oviedo offer different services aside from spinal adjustments. You might want to choose to have physical therapy and injury rehabilitation for reasons we will discuss below.

Many chiropractic clinics now offer massage and physical therapy, which helps rehabilitate your injury. In addition, chiropractors may prescribe additional treatments for injury rehabilitation. You may also be given spinal adjustments to straighten your spine to improve alignment. One popular treatment used by chiropractics is cryotherapy, which places ice-cold packs in injured areas at a set time to control inflammation and reduce pain. Reduction of inflammation paves the way for tissue repair, which speeds up recovery.

Most chiropractic clinics stick to holistic treatment for treatment. This means that your whole body is a focus of treatment instead of a single part of symptom. If you have a sports injury such as Achilles tendon tear, practitioners at the chiropractic clinic will rehabilitate your foot as well as your lower extremities. Physical therapy is aimed to strengthen your foot and improve flexibility, while you are advised to have high-protein, low-fat diet to increase protein stores (needed for body repair) as well as reduce weight to reduce strain to your injured foot.

Most chiropractic clinics today also have licensed massage therapist and physical therapist, so you are sure to receive professional treatment. Oviedo family chiropractic clinics offer non-invasive and holistic treatments for physical injuries.

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A Pediatrician in San Diego Specialized in Medical Care to Infants


You might look for a hospital with an expert pediatrician in San Diego. San Diego city proper has several health facilities that have pediatricians. A pediatrician is a doctor (M.D) that has undergone post-graduate residency training in the field of pediatrics. Pediatricians specialize in giving medical care to infants, toddlers and children below 18 years old. They provide preventive medical care as well as treat illnesses in this particular age group.

In choosing the pediatrician for your baby, make sure to understand your child’s needs. You can easily determine if your child is healthy and only needs preventive medical care, or has unique conditions that require specialized care. Any pediatrician can provide preventive medical care to children, and there is little need for finding a specialist. If your child has unique medical needs, you might need to find a specialist pediatrician. A specialist pediatrician has received training and accreditation in practicing subspecialties in pediatrics such as pediatric cardiology, immunology, or psychiatry.

The next thing to do is to select a clinic that offers specific pediatrician services your child needs. If your child only needs preventive medical care like vaccinations and medical check-ups, any pediatrician clinic is okay.  But if your child needs the services of a specialty pediatrician, make sure to choose a clinic that offers such services.

Several hospitals in San Diego town proper and nearby areas offer specialty pediatric services. If you are looking for specialty services, you can easily find specialty pediatrician in San Diego that meets the medical needs of your child.

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Dentists in Scarborough provides the best dental services

In this article, we’ll help you find the scarborough dentist There are many clinics offering dental services in Scarborough, which offer several of services ranging from restorative, aesthetic and clinical dentistry.There are also many medical services offered at urgent care Birmingham Al.

best scarborough emergency cosmetic dentist toronto

One of the special services offered by several scarborough emergency dentist is TMJ Appliance®. TMJ appliance is a series of soft devices worn in the mouth made specifically to aid in diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorder, a painful and disability-causing jaw problem. A person with TMJ disorder feels popping or grating sound or cannot fully move his or her own jaw, feels pain in the jaw and feels other symptoms like tinnitus, dizziness and headache. TMJ disorder is a common disorder, and it reduces quality of life.   If you think you have this type of pain then you should consult a certified dentist that has experience.   One Centre is such a clinic and has various certified staff in house who can help.

To solve TMJ, cosmetic dentist toronto prescribe bite appliances. These appliances can be hard or soft, and has different shapes and point of application. If you have TMJ disorder, you may need to use several TMJ appliances over time. A TMJ appliance can be used for treatment by preventing tooth erosion, splint a jaw to reduce discomfort or relieve pressure from an inflamed joint. Dentists can also diagnose TMJ disorder by examining excessive wear and tear on worn appliances.

TMJ appliance is a non-invasive method of addressing TMJ disorder, and reduces discomfort when used properly. Generally, dentists specializing in oral and maxillofacial pathology accept and treat TMJ disorder. Some of the best cosmetic dentist toronto are oral and maxillofacial specialists that whom you can seek help for TMJ disorder.

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