Oviedo Family Chiropractic treats your injuries


Physical injuries can happen now and then, and gladly you can have treatment now at best Oviedo Family Chiropractic clinics. Chiropractic clinics in Oviedo offer different services aside from spinal adjustments. You might want to choose to have physical therapy and injury rehabilitation for reasons we will discuss below.

Many chiropractic clinics now offer massage and physical therapy, which helps rehabilitate your injury. In addition, chiropractors may prescribe additional treatments for injury rehabilitation. You may also be given spinal adjustments to straighten your spine to improve alignment. One popular treatment used by chiropractics is cryotherapy, which places ice-cold packs in injured areas at a set time to control inflammation and reduce pain. Reduction of inflammation paves the way for tissue repair, which speeds up recovery.

Most chiropractic clinics stick to holistic treatment for treatment. This means that your whole body is a focus of treatment instead of a single part of symptom. If you have a sports injury such as Achilles tendon tear, practitioners at the chiropractic clinic will rehabilitate your foot as well as your lower extremities. Physical therapy is aimed to strengthen your foot and improve flexibility, while you are advised to have high-protein, low-fat diet to increase protein stores (needed for body repair) as well as reduce weight to reduce strain to your injured foot.

Most chiropractic clinics today also have licensed massage therapist and physical therapist, so you are sure to receive professional treatment. Oviedo family chiropractic clinics offer non-invasive and holistic treatments for physical injuries.


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