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When you move into a new place, the first thing you do is determine how to reach emergency services.  That means police, fire department, utility companies’ hotlines, and medical service providers.  Of course in a real emergency you can get away with just dialing 911, but that might not be the most cost efficient option. You could end up burning a hole through your pocket quickly that way.  For minor medical conditions that require immediate care, going to best urgent care Birmingham AL, may just be what the doctor ordered. Doctors give advices as well on which natural health stores in Toronto to go to for the best health supplements

But how do you find a facility that provides urgent medical care in Birmingham, Alabama?  With the internet it is easy.  Yellow pages will give you a list showing sixteen facilities, with their phone and fax numbers, websites, address and map showing directions to get there.  Some of the facilities have reviews from former patients.  Anyone can post reviews, so it’s hard to tell if they are genuine.

Another website shows a list of fifteen urgent care facilities within Birmingham.  This time, against the facilities on the list are addresses, phone and fax numbers, directional maps, and something even more helpful:  schedules.  While not all clinics indicated their working hours, most did and one stood out for being open 24/7.  There is one catch though:  the proper classification for Trinity Medical Center Emergency Dept. has not been verified by the webmaster as an urgent care facility – it may just be a hospital emergency room.

Working schedules is one of those points to consider when preparing a list of service providers for minor medical emergencies.  With everything else being equal (level of service, general distance from your home, range of services) list the urgent care centers with the longest operating hours.  Also list those who operate during weekends and holidays if any.

Another important consideration is the quality of the doctors in the facility.  Word-of-mouth  reviews combined with online comments should weed out those with not so stellar records.

Make your list of urgent care Birmingham, AL facilities early, and list a few.  It might save you at least a few hundred dollars when you have to go in for a minor medical condition.  Only serious medical conditions should cost serious sums of money.

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